Coaches' Meeting 2000-2001

Minutes from May 16, 2001

  1. Treasurer's Report: Carol Miller distributed copies of the 1999-2000 and 2000-2001 NSML financial statements, noting that our $1488.26 balance as of 5/7/2001 is more than the prior year balance of $516.72, but much less than the 1998-1999 balance of $3,042.97. Because there are some bills still outstanding and another set of All-Conference notebooks will cost over $2,000, our current balance isn't as comforting as it appears to be. Carol also asked that member schools must return unused ribbons to John Benson at ETHS. The League paid $2456.60 for ribbons this past year --- almost a fourth of our budget!

    Duplicating and mailing costs for contests are also significant expenses. At our Board meeting, Wanda Gongol suggested that perhaps single copies of contests and solutions could be mailed or e-mailed to host schools, which would then duplicate these as needed. John Benson's question to the coaches as to whether this duplicating would be a problem for any school was met with silence. Thus the NSML will mail to each host school only one copy of each tests and solutions, a list of things to do as a host, and copies of the yellow and blue forms.

    Carol also requested that schools include the SCHOOL NAME when making a dues payment to the NSML. This will assist in giving each payee proper credit for payment. Dues for 2001-2002 are $175 and payment is required on or before October 11, 2001.

  2. Pam Sullivan distributed copies of the 2001-2002 Topics for our four meets. Please note that a new book must be purchased for the Orals topic at Meet 3. Please be sure to order the "Millenium Edition" of Excursions into Mathematics (ISBN 1568811152). charges $34 for a copy.

    Our question writers and proofreaders have done an exceptional job this past year. This was the first year in NSML history that no problem had to be "recalled" for re-grading. Please thank our question writers and proofreaders for jobs well done. Too often, all they hear are complaints.

  3. Richard Muller presented a list of possible NSML dates for 2001-2002. Approximately 15-20 schools responded to Richard's request that dates of parent conferences and open house meetings be reported to him. The Board adopted the following contest schedule:

    Wednesday, 3 October 2001
    Thursday, 1 November 2001
    Thursday, 6 December 2001
    Thursday, 7 February 2002
    Thursday, 7 March 2002

    Other good-to know dates are:
    12 February 2002 -- American Math Contests (formerly AHSME)
    23 February 2002 -- ICTM Regional Contests
    26 March 2002 -- AIME
    27 April 2002 -- ICTM State Contest

  4. Richard Rukin asked that the "NSML SCHEDULING INFORMATION" form be returned to him at ETHS by May 28, 2001. Developing the Contest Schedule is a very challenging job and once completed, changes are difficult to make. John Benson also asked for a volunteer to work with Richard and learn the craft of scheduling meets.

  5. Our test writers for 2001-2002 will be Walter Dodge, Fred Flener, and Tom Shilgalis. Their proof-readers will be Sally Dodge, Micah Fogel, and Carol Benson. John Benson forecasts that we shall need at least one new question writer in the next year or two. He has a special concern in finding someone to replace Wally Dodge, who expertise in technology and applications of mathematics are phenomenal.

  6. What about calculators? The policies for next year are listed in the "Final NSML Topics for 2001-2002" distributed by Pam Sullivan. What about the future? Shirley Holbrook asked about the philosophy behind the Board's calculator usage choices. John Benson responded that students should be allowed to use the technology that they use in math classes. Kathie Rauch said that Stevenson requires TI-89's beginning with the freshman year. Rich Rukin asked if we should rename ourselves the "North Suburban Calculator League" and noted that students rarely get excited about pushing buttons. After much discussion, the coaches present approved (by a 27 to 2 vote) the following policy for 2002-2003: No calculators will be allowed in the written contests for Meets #2 and #4. Only the Senior Contests at Meets #1, #3, and #5 may be taken using a calculator with a built-in "Computer Algebra System," such as the TI-89. Candy Bar and Oral Contests will be allowed the use of non-CAS calculators at all meets.

  7. Thanks to students at Benet Academy and Naperville North, the NSML had a web page this past year and will "own" a web page next year. Contest results will be phoned to John Benson by host schools after each meet. John will then post results on our web page, obviating the need to FAX or mail them to member schools. More detailed results can be posted by Mike Andrews in a format that can be downloaded into an EXCEL spreadsheet and then manipulated as desired. The web page will cost us an initial $150 fee plus monthly charges. These will total less than what is paid for postage and telephone now.

    Regarding the posting of names on a our web site, Carol Miller asked that we seek a lawyer's opinion about the legality of posting student names on our web page. She noted that some schools circulate among their staff lists of student names that are NOT to be published nor included in any school press release. We cannot afford to be liable for privacy right violations.

    The coaches also unanimously approved giving Ian Yap a book, plaque, or gift certificate (worth $50) as a thank you for his work on our web page this year as well as allowing us to "park" it on his web site.

  8. John Benson also announced that 2001-2002 will mark the 25th Anniversary of the NSML. He asked for suggestions on how this occasion could be celebrated. Carol Miller suggested ordering "NSML 25" pencils for all participants at the Conference Meet. Wanda Gongol volunteered to research the cost of this.

Submitted for your edification and approbation by George Pryjma (Niles North).