Board Meeting 2004-2005

Minutes from May 12, 2005

  1. Treasurer's Report

    • The financial statement for 2004-2005 was distributed. Coaches who wish to receive a copy should contact Steve Goodman.
    • Dues will not increase for 2005-2006.
    • More ribbons will need to be purchased for next year.
  2. Written Topics

    • The topics as presented were approved by the board.
    • Allowing a TI-89/92 at all calculator meets for all students was brought up. The issue will be presented to all the schools at the annual meeting. It was mentioned that there is a perception among many students and coaches that allowing symbolic manipulators will give students an unfair advantage. The possibility of allowing them on a trial basis for next year was mentioned as well.
  3. Oral Topics

    • The topics as presented were approved by the board. In addition, linear Diophantine equations were approved as a back up in case one of the three topics ends up being used by ICTM. Topics for 2006-2007 were proposed. Comments and suggestions by coaches are wanted.
    • Coaches are being asked to remember that when their school is responsible for judging a contest, they should make sure that their judge is familiar with the topic and has read the source.
    • After each meet head coaches of schools who are judging the next meet will get an email reminding them of that. In addition, judging schools will get an email by the Tuesday just prior to the meet asking them if they have received all of the materials.
  4. Schedule and Dates

  5. Other Business

    • Jones College Prep is leaving the league and South Elgin High School is coming into the league. There is some concern that there may be fewer than 55 schools next year. As a result, it may be that some sites will have only four schools competing rather than five.
    • A survey will be conducted to determine if schools have freshmen competing who are taking algebra 1, sophomores taking geometry, juniors taking algebra 2 and seniors taking pre-calculus. The survey will also ask how many of the seniors are taking calculus.