Board Meeting 2005-2006

Minutes from May 11, 2006

  1. Treasurer's Report. Income was $200 greater than expenses. A few expenses are still to be paid out. Joe Kostal will make sure enough ribbons are available for next year. Everyone paid their dues on time this year. Dues for 2006-2007 will stay at $150 per school.

    The statisticians reported that their work load is much lower now than in the past, thanks to the web site. The board unanimously approved their pay will be reduced from $900 to $300 per year.

  2. Written topics for 2006-2007. Coordinates will be put back into the Junior #1 topic. The topics for junior #2 and senior #2 are going to be switched because next year's seniors already had sequences and series this year. The new senior topic will also include vectors, polars and DeMoivre's Theorem.

  3. Oral topics for 2006-2007. The Linear Diophantine Equations handout will be brought to the coaches meeting. Over the summer it will be typed and posted on the web site in PDF format. The topics were approved unanimously by the board with the stipulation that if the ICTM topic is similar to one we already have, it will be replaced by Matrix Games.

  4. Meet Dates. The board unanimously approved the dates for next year:

    1. Wednesday, 9/27/06
    2. Thursday, 10/26/06
    3. Thursday, 12/7/06
    4. Thursday, 2/1/07
    5. Wednesday, 3/7/07
  5. Awards. The most improved school award was amended and approved unanimously by the board. The three schools that improve in places the most shall receive an improvement award. In case of a tie, the team whose total score improved the most from the previous year receives the award.

  6. Catastrophic events. The board unanimously adopted the Policy for Inclement Weather and Other Emergencies, as amended. It will be made available at the coaches meeting.

  7. Officers. The board unanimously adopted the document "NSML Officers, Selection, and Succession". It will be available at the coaches meeting.