Coaches' Meeting 2006-2007

Minutes from May 16, 2007

  1. Treasurer's report.
    • Webmaster—Abe Hassan is phasing out his responsibilities and Isaac Greenspan has been hired to learn the system and take over in one year.
    • Ribbons—The league had to order a number of ribbons this past year. The system of ribbons being sent out to all host schools at the beginning of the school year is working well.
    • Isaac Greenspan has been hired to be an additional proofreader to give a final read to the questions and to check the solutions.
    • Dues for 2007-2008 remain the same. The dues sheet can be printed off the web site and must be sent to Kevin Weiland.
  2. Written topics.
    • Senior topic #3 is a new one—Markov chains. A good source is the orals #2 source: Mathematics of Matrices by Phillip Davis.
    • Aaron Hayes will try to write up a Markov Chains worksheet and make it available to all schools.
  3. Oral topics.
    • Topics for 2007-2008. See the web site for details
    • Topic #4 should be announced within a week or so.
  4. Schedule. Send requests to Rich Rukin through the web site. It is important that you are VERY clear about which meets you can or cannot host. If schools from the same district want to have a meet together, please list which schools are in that conference and which meet you want it to be.
  5. New school—Naperville Central. They will be placed in the Yuen division based upon their traditional showing at the state contest. The league is now up to 55 schools.
  6. Old Business.
    • Host schools should not read and work through solutions prior to a meet. As much as possible, try not to look at the questions before the meet.
    • John Benson will try to send questions and solutions in PDF format to all schools after each meet.
    • Isaac Greenspan is transitioning into taking over as webmaster.
    • More than 5 alternates at a meet—Isaac and Abe will look into whether it is feasible to allow more than 5 alternates to be entered in the statistics for each meet. The host school still has the right to restrict schools to 5 alternates. Schools who want to bring more need to check with the host school to find out if that is feasible or not.
  7. New Business.
    • Isaac Greenspan—hired to be the final proofreader.
    • The CAS policy as it now stands will remain. A CAS calculator will be allowed for juniors and seniors only at meets 2, 3 and 5.
    • A new all conference team committee has been formed. The members are Peter Nilsen from Maine South, Kathie Rauch from Stevenson and Maggie Mamsch from Prospect.