Coaches' Meeting 2009-2010

Minutes from May 13, 2010

  1. Treasurer’s report
    1. The dues are the same as last year. Please make sure to send checks to Kevin Wiland at Larkin High School.
    2. Please be sure to pay next year’s dues by November 1, 2010.
  2. Schedule
    1. The schedule is now set as shown on the board minutes.
    2. Coaches should go to the web site and enter the information for when they can host and judge next year.
  3. Membership
    1. Proviso Math and Science Academy is joining us in the Cook division for 2010- 2011. West Chicago High School has left the league.
    2. Coaches are asked to go to the web site and update their school and contact information for next year.
  4. Topics
    1. The sources for the written topics will be posted on the wiki. Coaches are encouraged to make use of it and to add to it for the benefit of all schools in the league.
    2. The orals topics are also set. The fourth topic should be announced on the web site as soon as the ICTM contest committee announces their regional and state topic.
    3. Coaches are encouraged to acquire a copy of Discrete Mathematics with Applications by Susanna Epp for the 2012-2013 year.
  5. Old business
    1. All conference and honorable mention clipboards and certificates were available for pick-up at the meeting. Contact Peter Nilsson if you were not there and did not get your awards.
    2. A letter to the security department at ETHS will be mailed thanking them for their work with coordinating the buses when schools left the conference meet.
    3. Scripts are being updated to reflect the wide number of calculators available. They will now announce that students can use CAS (junior and senior contests) or non-CAS (freshman and sophomore contests).
    4. Scripts will also be updated to remind students that answers are exact unless otherwise stated.
  6. New business
    1. In order to save paper, starting in 2011 the statistics that are passed out at the annual coaches meeting will be available only on the web. The 2010 statistics are there now.
    2. Host information is being updated.
    3. Coaches are reminded that oralists cannot compete as a contestant in the written contests. They may compete as an alternate if they finish early enough. Students are allowed to compete in two different written contests, but only if there is an opening for a student to move up. Other students who want to compete should not be left home just so another student can compete twice. Host schools are asked to allow as many alternates as possible. If schools bring many alternates, please be willing to provide a proctor for the extra students.
    4. The board will discuss over email the option of allowing contests to start earlier in the evening.
    5. Any schools that have ribbons are asked to send them to Joe Kostal at Oak Park- River Forest High School.