Board Meeting 2010-2011

Minutes from May 5, 2011

  1. Membership and Divisions

    • St. Ignatius, Glenbard East and Elgin have dropped out of the league. Leyden, South Elgin and Huntley are being extended invitations to join the league. (In the week following the board meeting, Huntley declined the offer to join the league. Next on the list was UIC College Prep. They accepted the invitation.)
    • The division alignment was approved. Steve Goodman will talk to one of the schools about possibly moving into the Milenkovic-Schultz division.
  2. Schedule
    Dates for next year were approved: Wednesday 10/5/11, Wednesday 10/26/11, Thursday 12/8/11, Thursday 2/2/12 and Wednesday 2/29/12.

  3. Written topics
    slightly revised and approved by the board.

  4. Oral topics
    approved by the board.

    • ICTM has announced that the regional and state topic will be taxicab geometry, so that will be our fourth topic. Steve Goodman will look into seeing if COMAP has a unit on divisibility.
    • Rules were modified to clarify the use of calculators and the non-use of other electronic devices.
  5. Treasury Report

    • Current balance of $6826.78.
    • Stipends will remain the same for 2011-2012.
    • Dues for 2011-2012 will remain at their current levels.
    • Ribbons will continue to be awarded in the same manner.
    • The number of trophies at the conference meet will be the same as the number of teams in the Milenkovic-Schultz division.
  6. Appeals Committee

    • Candice Sagliano of Lake Park is now part of the committee.
    • Appeals decisions will be handled as is current practice.
  7. Typesetting of contests
    a stipend of $300 was approved to typeset each contest.

  8. Need for vice-president and assistant webmaster
    schools are asked to submit names for an assistant webmaster. The person should be familiar with web design.

  9. NSML Wiki and old questions
    missing contests 1989-2002 will be scanned and posted on the web site.

  10. Timing of meets
    will remain the same as current practice.

  11. Question writers and proof readers

    • We will keep the question writers we currently have.
    • We will look into finding new question writers to replace current ones as they retire or decide to not write any more.
  12. New business

    • Schools will be able to see individual scores and yellow sheets only for their own school.
    • High scores will be available by the students’ initials, school and grade.
    • Contests and solutions will be posted online after each meet.
    • Email suggestions for improvements of the conference meet to Andrew Segall at Evanston or to Steve Goodman.