Board Meeting 2013-2014

NSML Board Meeting – May 7, 2014

  1. No school currently in the league has said they are leaving. Carmel High School is joining the league as a 56th school. The Milenkovic?Schultz division.
  2. Schedule – The board approved the following dates for 2014?2015:
    Meet 1 – Thursday October 2, 2014
    Meet 2 – Thursday October 30, 2014
    Meet 3 – Thursday December 4, 2014
    Meet 4 – Wednesday February 4, 2015
    Meet 5 – Thursday March 5, 2015
  3. Written topics – accepted as proposed.
  4. Oral topics – accepted as proposed. The meet 4 topic is pending the ICTM regional/state topic.
  5. Treasury – New clipboards need to be ordered. Liz Moore will look into other options as well. A stipend of $800 was added for an assistant webmaster.
  6. Board membership Matthew Moran is now on the board as the orals chair. A ribbons coordinator is needed. This does not have to be someone on the board. Any coach from the league can do this.
  7. Website – the ability to connect the list of past topics with corresponding contests will be attempted.
  8. Question writers and proofreaders will remain as what we currently have.
  9. Other business – the possibility of some type of team contest will be explored for 2015?2016.