Board Meeting 2015-2016

NSML Board Meeting – May 11, 2016

Maine South High School

  1. NSML has a new president. Richard Agin from Evanston Township High School will be the president for the next three years.
    1. Rules of succession were discussed and will continue to be discussed by the board.
    2. The league needs a vice president. The board will solicit names in the fall with the goal of naming a vice president by spring 2017.
  2. Membership and divisions
    1. South Elgin has withdrawn from the league.
    2. West Chicago has rejoined the league.
    3. Other schools will be contacted to see if they are interested in joining the league, with the goal of expanding to 60 teams.
    4. Divisions
      1. If we get one new school, it will be assigned to the Cook division, and the top team in the Horwat division and the top team in the Cook division will each more up one division.
      2. If we get two new schools, they will be assigned to the Cook division, and the top team in the Horwat division and the top two teams in the Cook division will each move up one division.
  3. Conference meet
    1. It is moving to Glenbrook South High School in 2017. Because they do not have the large rooms that ETHS has, the number of proctors needed may increase.
    2. The starting time of 6:45 will be kept.
    3. The assignment of duties and the general running of the contest will be discussed by Andrew Segall from ETHS and Ryan Sutherland from GBS.
  4. Schedule
    1. The dates for 2016-2017 were approved and are currently posted at
    2. Chris Thibaudeau from Stevenson High School volunteered to help with scheduling of teams in the summer.
    3. Andrew Mauer-Oats from Whitney Young High School will take over as secretary of the board effective 2016-2017.
  5. Possible rule changes
    1. The proctoring instructions that are read to students prior to each contest will be revised and edited. The instructions will be revised so that a student should interpret reasonably if a problem is ambiguous.
    2. The board wants to emphasize to the member schools that no student should ever do a second contest when there are other students available, especially for the conference meet. The goal is to get as many students as possible doing math.
    3. For the orals contest at meet 4, the rule is that schools have an oral team of two students. Either or both of the students may present and/or write on the board at any time during the presentation. This rule will be clarified over the summer.
  6. Written topics
    1. Minor changes were made to several of the topics.
    2. A new description for junior #1 will be written.
  7. Orals topics
    1. Contest 2 for 2016-2017 will be switched with Contest 2 for 2017-2018.
    2. At the coaches meeting, coaches will be informed that they need to have a CAS calculator for their oralist by 2017-2018.
  8. The treasurer’s report shows the league is solvent. Enough money is in reserves to meet the needs for one entire season.
  9. The new website is up and running.
    1. A huge thank you to Isaac Greenspan for all the work he did creating it.
    2. Coaches now have the ability to search for contests by grade level and topic. A link to the contests that meet the search criteria is provided.
  10. New writers and proof readers are needed. Coaches and other interested people should speak to Richard Agin.
  11. The board is looking into the feasibility of incorporating the league as a 503(c). No money is necessary at this time. If money is needed at a later date for an accountant, the board will revisit this topic.