Coaches' Meeting 2015-2016

NSML Coaches Meeting – May 18, 2016

Maine South High School

  1. 2016-17 Schedule
    1. Dates are posted on the web site. Times will remain the same as 2015-16.
    2. Coaches are asked to fill out the conflict form for 2016-17 now.
  2. Treasurer’s Report
    1. Dues remain the same for 2016-17.
    2. We have enough in reserves for any emergencies.
  3. Topics for 2016-17
    1. Written
      1. Topics are posted on the web site
      2. Input by coaches is needed each year. Please give any suggestions you have to Liam Keigher.
      3. Suggested sources will be posted on the web site.
    2. Orals
      1. Input by coaches is needed each year. Please give any suggestions you have to Matt Moran.
      2. For 2017-18, students will likely need a CAS calculator for one of the topics.
      3. For 2017-18, a new source will likely be needed for one of the topics. Coaches are encouraged to get a copy of A Decade of the Berkeley Math Circle, by Zvezdelina Stankova and Tom Rike.
  4. Personnel
    1. New members on the board: Mary Thomas from Hoffman Estates and Andrew Mauer-Oats from Whitney Young. Steve Goodman remains on the Board as Past President. Many thanks to Bill Roloff, who is leaving the Board, for his years of service.
    2. Richard Agin will serve a three-year term as President. A Vice President will hopefully be named by spring 2017.
  5. Website – the contest archive is now searchable by various criteria. Coaches are encouraged to look at it. Many thanks to Isaac Greenspan for his work.
  6. Membership
    1. South Elgin is leaving the league.
    2. New schools entering the league are West Chicago, Wheaton North, Morton East and very likely St. Ignatius. Hopefully one more school will enter the league to bring the membership up to 60 schools.
    3. Divisions will be posted on the web site when the new schools are finalized.
  7. Conference meet
    1. In 2017 it will be at Glenbrook South.
    2. Contests will be given in 24 classrooms. 1-2 proctors from each school will likely be needed.
    3. The start time will be 6:45. This may be changed in future years. Schools should arrive at GBS by 6:15 or 6:30.
  8. All-conference and all-division awards were made available at the coaches meeting.
  9. New business
    1. Meet 4 orals – we will continue to follow the ICTM policy where both oralists can speak and/or write on the board.
    2. A discussion was had about having an oral team for more than meet 4 in the future and allowing oralists to compete in other events. The board will take this under consideration for future years.